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The old time worldwide leader in creating interactive entertainment, the Japanese company Nintendo, is finally getting a noticeable competitor, the easy accessible, world wide web industry of free games. The two best selling video games systems, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy are still very popular, but the rate in which the computer games are evolving, it is easy to see, that very soon, they might become obsolete.

No matter the reasons for releasing the games for free, either to promote sequels, or out of karmic generosity, their producers, publishers or creators have designed special web sites, one more attractive than the other, with dozens of free games. Even though they cannot be played at a console anymore, they are still Nintendo type games, like the games from the free games web site,, where a large variety of video games can be found.

We might think that playing video games is an activity meant for children only, but today there are a lot of adults who are enjoying this experience as well. If a survey would be made in order to find out if the number of adults that play games is higher than the number of children, there would probably a be a tie. The people who spend any of their time playing video games cannot be categorized in social classes, or after any criteria like their intelligence level, because the games are very diverse, from very easy and not so complicated, to real trials for someone’s mind.

If you need to kill any spare time you can opt for an easier free game available on the Internet, like the Bubble Bobble, Snoopy, or one of the high score games like Asteroids, Pacman and Snake, which do not need a high level of knowledge. People who need more challenging games can also find a large number of free games suitable for their needs and they can be entertained for hours.

Some people might think that playing Nintendo games, especially violent ones, can be very harmful for young children, and they are right in this case, but any games, can be very educational, as the player needs to have certain mental skills and he develops them while playing.

A very interesting approach on how to make sure your child doesn’t have access to Nintendo games that can be harmful, is to make sure you are aware of the free games that are available online. You can find a lot of reliable sites and free information on the Internet about the games and the game systems and you can decide which games are best for your children without cutting them out completely from the daily routine. A couple of hours spent playing a Nintendo game are not damaging to the child when any rules are imposed from the begging. We also suggest you let your child enjoy other activities as well, like spending time outdoor together with their friends.

Why is it so hard, as a parent, to admit that buying video games is not necessarily wrong or harmful for the child? Probably the wrong idea that playing video games is less challenging than spending time enjoying outdoor activities. Encouraging the children to play Nintendo games is not something to be ashamed about because it can help your child develop reflexes and a strategic way of thinking. This is why parents have to read more of the available correct information on the Internet about Video games and have to admit that they enjoy free games as well.

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