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Puzzle games are a genre of games loved by most hard-core gamers simply because of their ability to challenge a person’s ingenuity. Generally, a puzzle is a game has some mystery attached which you have to uncover in order to resolve it. It demands both attention to detail and basic common sense to resolve. Some of the types of puzzles are disentanglement, sliding, logic and word puzzles

Puzzles have their serious side and have been used time and again to resolve real life problems in the mathematical and scienctific research. However, most people play puzzles for fun and to improve our brain capability. It is not uncommon to see people on public transport concentrating on one puzzle or another in order to resolve it. The feeling of accomplishment when a puzzle is completed can make a game addict of most of us. It is also generally believed that those who do puzzles can help stave of certain brain illnesses such as Alzheimers in later life.

In the early days, puzzles were brought to us in the form of board games which you could by from the shops or you could find puzzles at the back of newspapers or better still you could buy a book of puzzles. Nowadays however, you can find all kinds of puzzles to play on the internet. Most of these are fun, entertaining and a learning experience for people of all ages. In fact you are likely to find any type of puzzles and be able to resolve it without using a pen. If it is Sudoku you like you can find a play it online.

Famous puzzles such as Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, Knight’s Tour, Missing Square, Tower Of Hanoi and even Rubik’s cube can all be found and played online. One of the advantages of playing online is that, there are now many gaming platforms offering these games for free. You do not need to carry a physical object – be it a book or board game – in order to resolve your favorite puzzle. With just a few mouse clicks you can just as well get the job done.

Playing free puzzle games has now become popular. Instead of going to the nightclub with may cost anywhere from $10.00 and $30, some young kids and teenagers are simply visiting their local cyber-cafes for an adrenaline rush of free PC puzzle games. Another advantage is that, you can meet people from everywhere in world who share similar interests. Some of the favorite online puzzles games are the Cartoon Quizz, Great Mahjong, Master Checkers, Quiz Time With Chron Series, Jig and Koala Checkers.

In conclusion, the internet has changed the way we play games in general and puzzle games in particular. no longer do we need to solve those well loved puzzle games on paper. For game lovers, going online is an exciting adventure and the number of games are increasing all the time.

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