How To Set A Chess Board

Whether one is looking for a beginner’s chess board or a tournament ready one, Bello Games New York has the extensive range of chess boards to delight the chess player whether expert or a novice.

There is a broad range of sizes of chess boards at Bello Games New York. They have the 1 1/8″ to 1 9/16″ squares, 1 ” squares, 2″ squares, 2 ” squares and larger and chess cabinet boards. Likewise, there’s a good selection of chess boards to suit every taste and budget. There is the Houston Street Chess Board that is an excellent choice for the beginner reasonably priced at only $24.99 as well as the Stuyvesant Street Chess Board from Spain at $49.99. At the other end of the price spectrum there’s the Albastro Chess & Checkers Cabinet Board from Italy at $499.99. The Albastro is an exquisite chess board is made up inlaid genuine Italian alabaster and worm wood constructed from superior quality materials. Another top quality chess board is the Mancini Chess and Checkers Board [$449.99]. The Mancini chess/checkers board exemplifies luxury! This is an exceptional board crafted by Italian artisans in Italy. This board will become the centerpiece of any room, it is crafted of briarwood and birdseye maple. The board is lined with a black onyx color along the boarder. There is a raised frame brushed with gold and sliver for a unique finish, the board has a high gloss finish. There is an array of chess boards at various prices depending on the finishing and materials used. These include the Greenwich Street Chess Board from Spain [$129.99], Agostino Chess board from Italy [$299.99] and the Napoli Chess and Checkers Board from Italy [$329.99].

Bello Games New York is located in Chicago, Illinois, just off the good “Magnificent Mile”. Bello Games New York, Inc. has a large selection of family games such as Chess, Backgammon, Rummy, Playing Cards, Gambling Equipment, Dominos, Go Sets among others. Their products are sold in famous department stores on Fifth Avenue in NYC to Beverly Hills to Monaco. Bello Games New York makes wonderful gifts and will surpass the client’s expectations. Bello Games New York provide unbeatable value, experienced selling staff and experts in their own game products, good customer service where the caller is immediately connected with a gaming expert and active involvement with their manufacturers in Italy, Hungary, France, Japan, Germany and China to ensure that their products are made to Bello Games New York specifications.

Bello Games New York, Inc. uses UPS as its main carrier. UPS charges are determined by the actual weight of the ordered item. The client will know the total cost before making the purchase. Once the client has completed shopping he/she will be able to select from several shipping options such as UPS ground, UPS next day air, etc. and his/her credit card will be charged. For more information on Chess Boards visit: bellogamesnewyork Please contact Bello Games New York, INC., at or call them Toll Free 866-570-4448.

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