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There are a number of theories available relating to chess opening play and these are practiced almost everywhere around the world although you will also find there are a number of variations to these Chess Opening plays available. Because of the large number of opening play variations in the game of chess it only goes to prove just how complex the game is. In fact there are some chess opening plays that are considered equally good for both the White and Black player, unfortunately these opening plays can not be learnt and only come through experience. It is important that you use logical and healthy thinking when playing the game of chess.

Each opening play has a name of its own so to classify any game of chess you will need to know the move which characterizes a particular opening. Unfortunately each opening play has a number of different variations to them and they also have names of their own as well. Many opening plays which are similar will lead to positions which also have similar features.

In any opening move, you can move your pawns either 1 or 2 squares forward. Before deciding which piece to move, however, you must think ahead to your main objective and how you want the game to play out. Then, move the piece that will help you move towards that plan.

The classification of any opening play depends greatly on the first move made and it can either be an open, semi or closed opening. An opening play is called Open if the white starts with the move of 1.e4 and black responds move 1.e5. Whilst a semi-open opening play is if the white starts with a move of 1.e4 but the black does not respond with the move of 1.e5. Then we come to an opening play which is called closed and this is when the white does not start with the move 1.e4.

There are wide variety of opening play open moves around from the Italian game through to the Spanish, Scotch, Four Knights Game to Phillidor’s Defence the Russian Game, Bishop’s Opening and King’s Gambit. Whilst such games as French Defence, Caro-Cann Defence, Scandinavian Game, Alechkin’s Defence and the Sicilian Defence are the more common semi-open opening plays used. Then finally there are the closed opening play moves used in such games as Queen’s Gambit, English Game, King’s Indian Defence, Dutch Defence and Slav Defence.

However any good player should know about all openings and be able to play them accordingly, it is important that you should gain experience and knowledge about these opening plays. Remember each opening play possesses a key idea and this becomes easier to implement once you are able to understand it.

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