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How To Win A Game Of Chess

The term “chess player” can be very loosely defined, but there are some general guidelines that apply to anyone who wants to consider themselves a chess player. To clearly identify someone as a chess player, they must at least know how to play the game! In fact, playing chess is one of the most basic…

How To Play Simple Chess

This article will teach you how to play simple chess, or as most people call it, beginner’s chess. You can even learn how to play this game from someone who has never played before! That is definitely not easy to do unless you are very skilled at playing games. Simple chess is usually considered an…

How To Practice Chess

The most common way to learn how to play chess is by studying openings, or starting positions that are designed for a certain style of game. By knowing what opening every player uses, you can pick a specific one and study it, just as people who like football team uniforms recognize the pattern and structure of each other’s jerseys….