Where To Buy Tournament Chess Sets

If you enjoy playing chess and you are thinking about getting a little more serious about it, then you may want to look into shopping for tournament chess sets.

Of course, all chess sets are basically the same and the game is played in the same way, no matter what the pieces look like, but if you are going to take your game to a new level, then you should check out the tournament chess sets.

What Is the Difference?

There are a few differences between tournament chess sets and those that you might buy for fun. First of all, the pieces are all standard. There are no themed pieces in tournament chess. So although these may be the most boring pieces you ever play with, they will be standard and a lot of people like playing without any distractions.

The other difference that you will often find when you are looking at tournament chess sets is that the pieces are heavier. This makes it easier for people of all ages and abilities to play and it also helps to ensure that pieces don’t accidentally get knocked over or moved during a game. Because many tournament games take place over days, it is important that there is no room for error in the placement of the pieces.

Where Can You Buy Tournament Chess Sets?

Although you can find these in some gaming stores, you generally will not find high-quality chess sets in toy stores. The sets you will find will have plastic pieces and a cardboard board, which is generally not acceptable in a tournament type situation. However, if you look online, you will see that there are many different styles of chess sets that you can choose from. They all have the same shape pieces, although some vary in size, but the color scheme may change, as may the color scheme of the board.

What Do You Get When You Buy Tournament Chess Sets?

When you are buying a high-quality, tournament chess set, you will get a heavy-duty board, which is much thicker than the usual board you would get with a set. You will also get triple-weighted pieces, which will make playing easier, and the size of the set is determined by the height of the king, which is usually 3.75″ or 4″ high. These tournament chess sets always come in some kind of case, whether it is a tote, a plastic case, or one that is made from leather or aluminum.

What Is the Benefit of a Tournament Set?

If you are going to get really serious about your chess, then it is imperative that you learn how to play on a proper set. Although this might not be a set that you would like to showcase in your home, it is one that you can freely take to any chess event and not worry about what people may think. This is also the kind of set that you can travel with and play with for years to come.

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