Good Chess Games Online For Kids

Finding good games to play online is tricky, but not because there’s never any new content. It can be hard to know what apps are worth your time unless you have an expert opinion.

That’s why it’s so important to find reviews of different chess applications. You should definitely check out our article about the best free chess apps for beginners!

But how do you pick between all these apps? For that, we have some tips.

Crazy Eights

In crazy eights, you get two players of equal strength who are constantly switching sides. This game can easily go either way depending on which player is more determined to win!

In this variation, each player gets eight stones (or pieces). The goal in chess is to checkmate your opponent by taking all their pieces. You can do this by placing one of your own pieces next to them or capturing an enemy piece with yours.

When playing crazy eights, the most common move pattern goes like this: One player takes four consecutive moves that push away three squares, then the other player takes three moves that push away two. Both players alternate back and forth between those patterns until someone gives up and concedes defeat.

This game can be fun to play if both players agree to use it as a basis for a normal chess match.

Learn to Play Chess

One of the best ways to learn how to play chess is by playing against computer programs or online interfaces. There are many sites that offer free games where you can test your skills!

Many of these sites have you create an account through their site, and then you are able to choose from different styles of chess (3-player team match, 1v1, 2v2). You get given time to make your moves before they are saved and played against other users.

Some sites even allow you to earn points or rewards by winning competitions or matches! The more you win, the better those rewards are, so it’s worth looking around to find one that really appeals to you.

There are also some sites that focus just on teaching the basics of chess.

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