Play 3d Chess Against the Computer

Recent developments in technology have allowed for some pretty incredible gaming experiences. Some of these experiences are through software, others are via hardware, but what they all have in common is that you can play them anywhere!

Many people enjoy chess as a game. It’s relatively easy to pick up, there are many styles and strategies to learn, and it’s quite fun to test your skills against someone else’s. Plus, it’s just plain cool to watch a pro player move the pieces around a board like a master.

But while professional players have access to powerful computers back at their home base or locker room, how effective could they be if we gave everyone access to a computer with an internet connection? That’s exactly what online chess is!

You can now play real-time chess (or 2 dp chess) against other users across the globe using an app or browser program. And not only do you get to challenge more experienced opponents, you also get to hone your own skill by looking at moves made by professionals!

There are even competitions where you can win prizes for achieving higher ranks than competitors who are older than you!

While this may sound like a gimmick, it is actually very serious business. Online chess has grown rapidly since its inception over ten years ago and is totally free to use. There are even YouTube videos showing how beginner gamers can defeat top level pros easily when using the right strategy.

Find a chess partner

Finding a good computer opponent can be tricky, but not impossible! There are many free software packages that allow you to play against other users or computers. Most of these have very sophisticated settings and features so it is important to research them before trying out games.

Some sites with great online chess services include,, and All three allow you to easily create an account and find someone to challenge immediately!

Another option is using some sort of app designed for playing chess like Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. These apps usually have easy ways to connect to various servers such as those mentioned above.

Practice playing chess

While most people learn how to play chess at a young age, it is very possible to become great without ever learning how to play properly. This can sometimes be hard for people who have never played before because they feel discouraged or even stressed out by the complexity of the game.

There are many ways to improve your chess gameplay! You do not need to know the exact same things other good players know to get better. By practicing your skills and strategies more frequently, you will reach your goal sooner than if you were starting from square one.

The two main areas to work on are tactics and strategy. Both take practice, but both are totally achievable for anyone. There are many free resources available online that can help you gain these skills.

Tactics refer to individual moves of the pieces in the game. For example, when there is a pawn up next to the king, what tactic should you use to defend against this? Is it to capture the piece, try to block its movement, put the piece in front of the king to prevent it moving, or move the piece yourself so it takes control of the position? All of these are tactical maneuvers.

Strategy refers to long term plans for the rest of the game. These are usually focused on either developing your pieces, protecting important squares, looking ahead, or evaluating whether a move is worthwhile.

Buy a chess board

A lot of people do not realize how expensive computerized chess can be! This is definitely not due to the software, but the chess set that goes with it. Most companies will have you pay several hundred dollars for their “chess package” which usually does not include a chessboard.

A chessboard is an integral part of the game so making this purchase separate is very frustrating. Luckily, there are many low cost alternatives in your settings.

You can use a plastic or wooden tray as a chessboard. These do not need to be totally flat either, some have raised edges or even corners. Just make sure it has enough space for two players to place their pieces without touching each other.

These trays work great because you can easily take them out and put something else next to it, or even move one side wall if needed.

Buy some chess pieces

As mentioned before, you do not need to have expensive chess equipment to play computer-chess against it! In fact, anything more than $20 is fine because even though the software looks professional, it is very limited in what features it has.

You can easily get all of the necessary pieces for free or at a much lower price. All you have to do is search online for “free chess set” or something similar and you will find many sites with lots of different types of sets, both classic and digital.

There are also several companies that produce really good quality chess gear that does not cost too much. They may be a little bit pricey, but they are worth it since they are high quality products.

Buy a chess computer

Recent developments in technology have allowed for fully-functional chess computers at affordable prices. They can be connected to your device via an app, making it easy to play anywhere!

With all of this talk about how powerful a computer is now, how could you not want one? A chess computer will always win against you, but that’s kind of the point! They are designed to study hard and learn from past mistakes, so they will keep trying until they get it right.

A recent article discussed why it’s worth buying a chess computer instead of just picking up a cheap board online or at a store. It’s definitely something to consider if you’re already invested in the game.

There are three main reasons why buying a chess computer is a great idea. First, most models come with free software, usually Fritz (the default chess program) or another similar product. This software is preprogrammed and ready to go, which makes things faster for you as a player.

Second, some models include wired connectivity, allowing you to connect directly to your device without using the app. This is more convenient because you do not need to constantly reestablish connection every time you start the program.

Third, many advanced features like voice recognition and chat through mobile devices are accessible through the settings panel.

Set up the computer

In addition to choosing your chess software wisely, you will need to choose how powerful of a computer you want to play against. There are two main types of computers in the gaming industry: GPU (graphics processing unit) or CPU (central processing unit). A GPU is like having more decorations for Christmas; it costs more money, but you would know what tool they use it for!

A CPU cost less, but it also does not change much. Because CPUs cost less, most people have access to one so that they can make quick work of simple tasks. For example, an average person has access to their phone which has a processor in it! Therefore, instead of buying a expensive graphics card, you can just buy a cheap CPU and then upgrade later.

The best way to determine if a GPU or CPU is better for you is by looking at prices. If the GPU is twice as expensive, chances are very good that it is not quite as efficient of a chip. So, look into potential savings with a GPU before investing in one.

Play against the computer

While chess is mostly played for fun, there are some ways to gain more money or even prizes by playing it professionally. One of these is competitive play. There are two main types of competition in chess: casual games and rated tournaments.

Casual games are any game that you want to win an award or prize for. Most people who enjoy chess already have enough skill to compete in this type of event so they look forward to just having a good time.

Rated events use a system to determine how high your rating is. Your ratings go up when you beat other players and down when you lose. The highest achievable rank is grandmaster which is the most prestigious title in the field.

Competitively playing chess online is another way to increase your skills! Doing so is very popular as almost every site has organized competitions with rewards. These can be small like gift cards or big such as championship matches.

Learn the rules of chess

While some people may consider computerized chess to be boring, it is actually quite difficult to get into. Once you do, though, there are many ways to learn how to play!

Most people who start playing chess with computers use them for help in learning the game. This isn’t necessarily bad, but what if we took this one step further? What if we made computer-versed chess even more powerful?

We can! And since most people have access to a computer these days, this is something that almost anyone could potentially do. Plus, being able to challenge yourself by using software that has advanced strategies and techniques can only improve your skills as a player.

In this article, I will go over all the different types of chess played against computers, as well as tips and tricks for each.

play 3d chess against computer

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