Play Chess Against The Computer Online

Chess is one of the most important games to play. It teaches you to think and to think ahead! In the game of chess each player commands an army of sixteen chessmen and has the ultimate goal of beating the opposing army. Some school districts are now teaching chess in class. There have always been chess clubs, but their popularity has really increased today. It’s about time! With all of the mindless games to play, chess really is good for you. Best of all, it can be played with children and adults. It is actually the most rewarding game to teach to children. They remember it for life and will enjoy playing for many years. There are many superb travel versions of chess. Most travel versions are magnetic, so they can be played on a plane, train, bus or automobile. Nothing like a good chess game to make waiting time go faster and be more enjoyable. Hopefully, chess will become one of your most prized travel accessories.

You can enter the 21st century of computerized chess playing with the newest chess opponent game, Phantom Force. This comes complete with automated pieces that use advanced robotic technology to travel effortlessly across the chessboard. You can actually play against the Phantom, or simply sit back and watch the game play against itself. The pieces actually move correctly across the board. There are 136 levels of play in this game. A digital voice system speaks the game play out loud in three languages of your choice, English, French or Spanish. It can be used with batteries for portability or with the AC adapter, which is included. It’s compact enough to tuck away in your lightweight luggage and take on vacation with you. It’s challenging to play against the computer, and also entertaining to watch the computer play against itself. The moving pieces are what make this excellent for chess lovers. It captivates young and old when you watch it play against you or against itself.

A superb beginners set is the Kasparov Grandmaster teaching set of chess. It was designed by Garry Kasparov and is superb for experts and learners alike. It is a unique, special edition chess set developed under his close watch. The design is unlike anything available today. It is good for beginners, collectors and experts alike. The large Spruce-Tec chess pieces are weighted to avoid accidental tipovers. The chase folds closed to fit compactly into your discount luggage and travel with you. When open this 18″ hinged wooden board is attractive enough to leave out on a table in a living room, television room or den. Chess is a game that will challenge, excite and captivate you. This game will teach you all that chess involves and the deep levels of strategy and tactics.

The seven in one game set with chessboard and pieces included is a superb addition for the family room in all home. The board reverses to play backgammon and the backgammon pieces can also be used for checkers. The case is a rich croco-grain embossed with suede cloth lining. Silver tone hardware gives this classic case an updated look. The case is compact and holds many things neatly in one place. It can also be moved from room to room in the convenient carrying case with handle. It actually looks like an elegant attach case. The case can be individually engraved with a family name or with an individual’s monogram. It is also excellent for corporate gifts and can have a company name or logo printed on the outside. Enjoy this challenging game!

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