Play Free Chess Against Computer

Chess has been around since the 15th century. It has evolved through the years becoming one of the world’s greatest games because it requires a lot of thinking. If there is a game that will greatly improve one’s logic, it is this game. Aside from the logic that a person can gain from playing the game, once turned into an expert, knowledge, verbal, and memory for recognizing patterns are also improved.

And so today, millions play the game chess. Because it is very portable, playing it is not only confined in the comfort of our homes but almost anywhere. With the current technology that we are enjoying today, chess can now be played through the internet. Most of all, they are free.

A number of sites offer ways on how you can obtain free chess. You can either download the software, or play the game on the place competing with either an opponent from another country or against a computer. Most of these sites will not require any form of payment other than the eagerness of some player to challenge another player in order to improve their game performance. for example is a site that offers free chess games. However, registration is important to reserve a name for yourself just in case you turn into a grandmaster or anything similar to that. Aside from the rating that you can obtain, there are online tournaments. Previous games that you have played can be saved later on when you need to analyze what went wrong and how did your opponent beat you.

On the other hand, is also one of the many sites where you can get free chess games. The site offers lessons for novices on how to play chess. There are videos available if you need to learn more from really good players. Tournaments are also played if you think you are good enough to compete. If you need to play free chess electronically, you can just download it into your cell phone or iPhone and do your strategic thinking anywhere that pleases you. is many things about chess. There are rooms available wherein you can challenge players from anywhere in the world. There are no charges required other than the enthusiasm of improving your skills. For novice players, they have also included a way in order to learn how to play the game. Not only can you play the traditional chess. There are also variations that you can play for free. Here are some of those variations:
‘Bughouse chess. It is a free chess game wherein there are two teams with two players each. When a piece is captured, your partner can have the option if he will make a move or drop a piece. It is quite complicated but it can be fun once you have a better grip of the game.
‘Random Chess. This is one of those Orthodox Chess that allows you to play by changing the positions of your pieces other than the traditional chess game.
‘Chess with Cubes. If you are already bored with the usual board type, you may need to do it in cube type. This is only available at ChessBoss site.
‘Losers Chess. Tired of winning, you can win the game by losing. Capturing is obligatory or aim to be mated.

There are more sites that are accessible if you need to play free chess. While it is free, it is your chance to improve not just your game. Your skills in planning, mathematics, reasoning, judgment, and social interaction are also improved. It’s a very educational game and at the same times a means of enjoyment.

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